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The Importance of Fabrics

The Importance of Fabrics

There is no question that when decorating your home, it is important to carefully consider large investment pieces. Makes sense, since this is most likely where you will spend the bulk of your budget. What may not be immediately apparent to clients however, is that for us as decorators, the most important design decisions often begin and have to do with the selection of fabrics. Why? Well, if larger furniture is the framework that builds the room and supports the design, then the fabrics are literally the materials that unify and complete each space. Here are the reasons you should always consider fabric as paramount in any design….

They soften all the hard surfaces of the room

In design there are many selections that involve “hard” surfaces. Things like flooring, cabinetry or millwork, wall treatments and furniture. These are not only hard physically, but are also solid visually. Therefore, in order to compliment and complete a space, your eye needs a soft place to rest and somewhere where all the colours dictated by these hard pieces, are unified cohesively.

Fabrics make each room unique

When creating a fabric scheme, we often bring together many different materials. It is the assemblage of texture, colour and pattern provided by these materials collectively, that makes each project distinctive and speaks to the individuality and personality of each customer. Moreover, the way in which these fabrics are used creates a mood and sets a tone for each space. For example, you should instantly be able to tell whether a room is traditional or modern based on the fabric selections and how they have been employed.

They create a mood

Not only can a fabric set mood by indicating the esthetic as mentioned above (traditional vs. modern), but it can also be changed season to season to reinforce a particular impression. In spring and summer you may use decorative pillows with light, bright colours and textures to elicit feelings of freshness and renewal, while in the fall, darker, heavier materials can create the feeling of coziness and warmth. I have used pillows in this example, because they are smaller accessory pieces which can easily be changed and don’t require a huge investment.

They can have a huge impact on the longevity of a space / furniture

Longevity is two-fold. You want to be sure that for larger investment pieces, you select a fabric that is neutral, but that will also be in fashion for an extended period of time. In unison with this, is the requirement that the fabric be durable for items that will receive the highest amount of use and wear. Most fabrics have a durability rating, which can ensure the above if you know how to properly assess them. Your decorator or designer can help with this.

They are instrumental in creating flow and balance throughout adjoining spaces / the home

Using fabric is a terrific way to create unity throughout your home and one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through the use of colour. If done correctly, your space will feel comfortable and well-appointed as you travel from room to room.

Ask us about our special fabric selection packages to help get you started, and visit our site to keep updated on the latest fabric trends for each season!

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