Meet Us - Surroundings ETC.
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Meet Us

My enthusiasm for curating furnishings and improving spaces is endless…

I am Elisa Bondy, and I am both creative and compassionate. I am passionate about helping people make their homes beautiful and I love designing solutions. Peaceful surroundings are achieved when I bring my artistry and organizational skills to a project. I care about you, your home and a well executed plan and my attention to detail and dedication to exceeding expectations is what I constantly strive to achieve.


I have spent 11 years as an interior design business owner, as well as an assistant, stylist and decorating specialist to an ARIDO accredited Interior Designer, Adele Barrett, recently retired.


I have designed hundreds of homes, a church interior, or two, and a restaurant. I work well with homeowners, contractors and suppliers, getting the best out of people, and their spaces.

…Energy and beauty flow, colours meld and dance, a distinctive personal look is achieved every time. This is my purpose and my promise.


I am Cathy Hartley and I have a flare for thinking outside the box. I have spent the past 40 years in different avenues of design and have honed many skills over the course of that time. Space planning is my forte and I am always excited to help clients see their rooms in a totally new, and often unexpected way. My clear and creative vision will give you added confidence in our team of professionals and I’ll bring a high level of energy and empathy to every project.


For 20 years I was a partner of a successful custom exhibit company. Along with Elisa, I have owned and operated Surroundings Etc. an interior design business for the past 11 years. I have brought a unique understanding of balance to countless projects, and am constantly on the lookout for new challenges to solve in design.

My greatest sense of joy and accomplishment comes when I have delivered a finished space that is both highly desirable and satisfies all of the client’s wants and needs.